Vinyl loop matting

The use of rugs to decorate the floor of homes or buildings is not new, but innovation in materials and shapes makes differences. Among the latest models of carpets that succeed in the market are those made of vinyl. Vinyl loop matting can make a huge difference when it comes to entries mats.

Vinyl loop mats appearance is the same as that of sisal, the variation is in the material are made of PVC plastic on the bottom and the top is made from braided vinyls. These curls-shaped strands traps dust and dirt from shoes. The surface of these mats stay clean while minimizing the ingress of dust and mud. You can use an version without back padding for outdoor areas, fthis eature allows drainage of large amounts of water.

These mats are very heavy, so keeps fixed to the ground and it can’t be easily move, preventing uncomfortable accidents. Materials used in its construction are very resistant, so its recommended for use in offices or in high traffic locations such as hotels. Maintenance can’t be easier: vinyl loop mats doesn’t require any special care or maintenance, thanks to vinyl loops, dust does not accumulate as in the fabric and can be cleaned or vacuumed or just sweeping them. Vinyl mats are water resistant, so they can also be cleaned with a mop.

All these advantages makes vinyl loop matting the best investment to help maintain the cleanliness of offices, homes, and any building in optimal conditions.