Carpet Mats

Jet Print Logo MatsThere are a lot of benefits that brings using carpet mats in differents areas. Not only they help to reduce cost, but also have implies less obvious advantages not offered by other floor treatments. The main benefits are:

Resting:  There are professional level evidence that reflect the role of carpet in addition to the quality floor covering, such as acoustic material.

Decorating: Carpets are produced in varying colors, textures and designs, fullfiling the tastes and styles of each client. The carpet brings harmony and decorating spaces instantly.

Ambiance: Especially in the commercial and industrial carpet promotes staff wellness, warmth and interior designs makes them increase their productivity.

Warmth: The carpet is produced from fibers which have the function of thermal insulation, has been shown through testing techniques the surface temperature of a carpet installed on a cold  floor or concrete slab, is higher than the of a conventional tile. It is also the best floor to lower temperature zones as being hollow fibers inside absorb heat and therefore, aids in decreasing the freezing to prevent the slab cold absorb the heat.

Thanks to the insulating property of the carpet, you can extend the workplace. The carpet provides warmth to mental and psychological level, because the colors and textures are calm and in turn decrease the feeling of emptiness and the cold hard floor.

Confidence and Security: High number of accidents within the home are caused by falls on slippery floors and wet, for this reason, the carpet reduces the risk of accident for residential, industrial and commercial and all family expenses accidents and labor involved. They greatly reduce accidents in high risk areas such as stairs and circulation areas of older children.

Comfort: The carpet produces a pleasant sensation on the feet, rest and comfort, avoiding the fatigue that produces the hard surface. This advantage has particular applicability in workplaces where staff must spend long hours standing, because it increases their welfare and productivity.