Anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats were designed in response to the need to reduce fatigue and discomfort caused by long hours of standing. When a person must stand for several hours the body’s muscles contract and blood flow is reduced, this will force heart to work harder to pump blood through areas that are collapsed, causing the body consumes more energy. All this results in pain, discomfort and fatigue.

The Anti-Fatigue Mats eliminates fatigue allowing imperceptible movements in the muscles of the thighs, calves and feet which causes blood to flow more easily without the heart to force and automatically reduces power consumption, allowing substantially reduce fatigue and its effects.

Fatigue and pain caused by standing for several hours have been underestimated, unfortunately employees who suffer its consequences in addition to headaches, low back and neck, and other discomforts of fatigue, in the medium and long term consequences are even worse such as varicose veins and back problems. This reduction affects productivity, increases in insurance premiums, increases in compensation expense and increased absenteeism. By instaling high quality anti-fatigue mats, you can prevent all these injuries, improving ambiance conditions and increasing production.